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Bowling Instruction

There comes a time in every bowlers life where something gets off and they need improvement. Got a new ball? Got new shoes? Not hitting the pocket like you used to? While "well-meaning" friends may try to coach you, it's best to start at the top. Maybe it's time for a lesson from a certified coach! Our instructors are certified by the USBC and The Dick Ritger Academy For Coaches. We have several programs/options available for your convince.

• Single Lesson - $15 per 1/2 hour or $20 per 1 hour session with physical game computer analysis using bowlers map software

Set Of 3 Lessons - $45 total for 3 one hour sessions

Personal DVD of your lesson for home study - $5 ea.

Designed to help each bowler improve their game and reach their bowling potential, we focus on:
• Skill technique drills to improve your fundamentals
• Lane play alignment using a mathematical system featuring the "personal number"
• Spare shooting systems and techniques


Get control and change your game for the better!


Interested? Call Bob @ 612-817-4477 to schedule


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